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Y1 - Autumn 2021 Update

Science – We have been learning about our Human Body (inside and out). In our Year 1 classroom, we have had a Doctors Surgery Role Play to make sure that are bodies are healthy.

Maths – We have practiced lots of counting in Year 1, in different ways. We have used the numicon, counters, coins and pictures. Then we have learned how to order numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest.

RE - We have been learning all about our families and exploring the different groups that we belong, especially our Year 1 family.

English and DT – We have done some character descriptions linked to the story ‘Dogger’. We predicted where Dogger might be lost and then created a Dogger story book which included sliders and levers. To test our sliders and levers, we retold the story of Dogger to the Reception children. They loved to listen carefully and join in moving parts of the story!

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