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Y2 - Autumn 1 Update


Year 2 conducted a traffic survey linked to eco week. We were shocked at how many vehicles passed our school. We discussed more Eco friendy ways of travelling. This aslo linked to our Design and Technology project which involves making our own moving vehicles. We also took part in the Great British September Clean, we picked up litter from around all the school grounds.


This term our topic is ‘Everyday materials’. We went on the hunt for different man-made and natural materials! We have also carried out an investigation to see which materials are waterproof.

Design and Technology

Our DT project this term is to design and make a moving vehicle. We started by exploring a range of different vehicles. We then investigated how to create moving wheels by combing them with an axle followed by attaching a chassis. We now have the exciting job of adding the main body of the vehicle.


We have been focusing on the different ways we can represent numbers. We have had fun using tens and ones and looking at the different ways we can partition a number using part whole models.


We are planning our very own adventure story based on Traction Man. We are using a comic strip to plan some exciting writing!


This terms topic is Heroes. We have been studying Florence Nightingale and the impact she has made on modern day nursing. We have made lamps using oil pastels to create tone in the flames.

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