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Y6 - Autumn 2021 Update

This term, Year 6 have develop their knowledge and are ready to explode with what they now know about our topic: Angry Earth. From learning about what’s under our feet and making models of exploding volcanoes, they now know some interesting facts about the extreme weather around the world. We looked at the water cycle and the different climates across the globe. Did you know we live in a temperate climate?

Our English work started with character and setting descriptions using a video called Eye of the Storm. We focussed on vocabulary and became imaginative, creating our own flashback stories.

Our next stop in writing was to look at poems. We kept with our weather theme and looked at The Dreadful Menace. We focussed on figurative language and created our own pieces of descriptive writing using hyperbole.

To finish this half term, we are beginning to look at instructions. These will be to help anyone at home who would like to design, make and explode their own paper mache volcanoes. Watch out, the final instructions will be on Twitter soon!

We celebrated National Poetry Day and composed our own poems based on this year’s theme: Choices. We looked at rhyming couplets, haikus and limericks. Oh what fun we had!

We have been busy bees and have being working hard in all of our subjects. In Music, we have been learning about the composer Joseph Bologne; he was famous not only for the composing but also for his sporting skills and fashion sense. In Science, we have been investigating shadows and if there are patterns between the distance of light sources and the size of the shadows created. We have also looked at the different parts of eye and can explain how we see. In PE, we’ve been working with LATICS. This term’s focus was balances. We have been working hard and working as a team. We even created a pyramid.

To end the term, Miss Cunningham gave us the challenge to present all of our knowledge on a double page spread. We couldn’t believe the amount we’ve learned.

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