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Year 6

We have been extremely busy in Year 6 over the past few weeks. We’ve stepped back in time to experience the two wars which changed our country: WW1 and WW2.

As part of our History topic, we visited our local cenotaph to do some research and answer questions and then wrote letters from the trenches to our loved ones. We even tea-stained them and created bullet holes. We had a mystery to solve when a WW1 veteran’s suitcase appeared in our classroom and had to figure out who it belonged to. Watch out Sherlock Holmes. War Horse inspired our art and Mrs Bithell helped the children perfect their sketching through a step-by-step horse drawing. The fun didn’t stop there – we were transported to The Blitz and created a London skyline using chalk alongside learning about Anne Frank (using Talk 4 Writing) so we could produce our own inspirational postcards based on her diary. Now it’s time to be evacuated to the countryside as WW2 evacuees …

The fun didn’t stop there! In Science, we have been experimenting with which biscuit is the best dunker, we have been visited by authors and musicians and have learned all about how to programme and code games. What a busy and productive few weeks we’ve had!

After practising different sewing stitches to connect material together, we began sewing our material into the shape of our coin purses. We completed these by adding rope to the top as a drawstring to keep our coins safe.

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