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YR Autumn Update


Our Reception children have enjoyed exploring early Literacy skills within continuous provision and guided group sessions.

The children have enjoyed engaging with the fine motor challenges that help to strengthen their fingers ready for writing. They have made up their own games including seeing who can get the most pom poms in their box before the time runs out!

We loved getting out our whiteboards to have a go at exploring writing during our Phonics lessons. We are looking forward to learning more letters!


We have been enjoying learning all about Maths. We are doing lots of counting and exploring number and are having lots of fun whilst we do it! The children are enjoying finding Maths opportunities around our classroom whilst they are learning independently.


Reception have been settling into school so well and have been enjoying sharing information all about themselves. We have been learning about their likes and dislikes, families, and their senses and are looking forward to getting to know even more!

We have drawn and talked about who is in our family. We especially enjoyed talking about the things that we like to do with them.

We enjoyed drawing pictures of ourselves and of our friends.

We have also built houses for families to live in. We thought about our own homes and what we might need for different parts of a house.

We have played in our own Home Corner, taking on different roles within our families. We have liked making dinner, setting the table and looking after the babies. We have been thinking about how our families are different and special.

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