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Our Staff

Mr C. Horridge - Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), History Lead

Mrs Teahan - Deputy Headteacher, Deputy DSL, KS2 Leader, D & T Lead, Inclusion Manager (SEND) - Year  3 

Miss E. Wright - Asst. Headteacher, Deputy DSL, R.E. Lead, Curriculum Co-Lead, EYFS/KS1 Leader - Year 1,

Miss K. Stafford - Reception

Miss H. Millington - (MAT Cover for Miss E Wright), Geography Lead, R.E. Lead - Year 1
Miss G. Cunningham - English Lead, Computing Lead - Year 2

Miss M. Lowe - (MAT Cover for Mrs Teahan) Year 3

Mrs B. Parkinson  - Music Lead, Maths Lead, Deputy DSL, Curriculum Co-Lead - Year 4 ,
Miss K. Postlethwaite - PE Lead, Science Lead - Year 5,

Mr J. Salkeld(Mat Cover for Miss K Postlethwaite) - Year 5,

Miss J. Wallace - Art Lead, KS1 Computing Lead - Year 6


Mrs T. Ward - Finance & Administration Officer

Mr C. Bithell - Business Manager

Miss V. Almond - HLTA

Mrs C. Armstrong - HLTA, Nurture Lead, Eco Lead

Mrs J. Bithell - HLTA

Mrs A. Whitton - HLTA

Mrs B. Balfour - TA

Mrs L. Clarke - TA

Miss K. Conroy - TA, Breakfast Club

Mrs T. Flores - TA

Mrs M. Goulding - TA

Mrs D. Holden - TA, After-school Club

Mrs N. Radu - TA

Mrs A. Scott - TA, Breakfast Club
Mrs D. Simm
- TA
Miss V. Turner - TA, Breakfast & After-school Club Lead

Miss R. Webber - TA

Mrs S. West - TA


Mrs A. Dowling - Caretaker

Miss B. Balfour - Welfare Assistant

Miss K. Derbyshire - Welfare Assistant

Mrs A. Dowling - Welfare Assistant

Miss L. Ellison - Welfare Assistant

Mrs T. Flores - Welfare Assistant
Mrs A. Scott - Welfare Assistant



Mr Horridge is the school's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for all concerns regarding Safeguarding, Mrs Teahan, Miss Wright or Mrs Parkinson (Deputy DSLs) in Mr Horridge's absence.

Please contact any of them via school in confidence, if you have any concerns.

Our Safeguarding Statement is posted around school and available to review on our Parental Documents Page along with our Safeguarding Policy. CLICK HERE to be directed to it.
Please CLICK HERE or on the image to the right to be directed to Wigan Safeguarding Children Board's web site for more information.


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