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Here at school we are very proud of the sports achievements of all our pupils, we encourage all pupils to "have a go" at lots of different sports. There are many after school clubs that run throughout the year offering; Football, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Dance and Athletics.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 08:30am there is an open invitation to pupils, parents and staff to join us either on the school field or the KS2 Playground to run, jog or walk a mile before school starts.

We have other links with outside agencies that offer sports based curricular lessons, including Wigan Athletic, Wigan Warriors, New Springs Lions RLFC. So that all members of the family don’t feel left out there is a private Karate club that utilises the school hall on Mondays that all pupils/staff and parents can join - Red Tiger Karate

Each year the school hosts the Aspull Inter Schools Sports Tournament, the schools that regularly compete for the trophies on offer from events such as, running, obstacle race, javelin, seated soccer throw, relay race, and the much contested Tug of War! are:

Aspull Church School

Canon Sharples

Holy Family

Our Lady's

St. David's

St. Mary's & St. John's


We are also major supporters of the Aspull Swimming Gala,  again competing with neighbouring schools the pupils try relay, back stroke 100m, and front crawl 100m.


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