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Reception - Autumn Update

In Reception we have been learning all about ourselves. We have learnt about our names, our families and our bodies.


We have been focusing on speaking and listening skills alongside early reading and writing skills. We really enjoyed our focus on initial sounds by singing songs and playing games.

Look at us learning how to write; both in group activities and in provision:


In Maths we are going to be focusing on a number a week, which allows us to really get to know each number! During our first weeks in school, we have been doing different sorting activities to make our brains start to think in a mathematical way and we are starting to notice patterns.

We have even started to count carefully one by one and using different maths skills.


In Music, we have been focusing on listening to different beats and trying to copy them. This requires super listening skills and a great rhythm. We have also been listening to and singing different nursery rhymes.

Look how we have started to go off and do this during choosing time!

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