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Y3 - Spring Update

Year 3 have been busy again. We can not believe how quickly the days go!


We have just finished our class story The Secret of Black Rock.’ It was a super story and kept us wanting to read more each lesson. Whilst we were reading the story, we really thought about the feelings of the characters. We used hot seating and role play to help us do this. Talk4Writing helps us to create sentences of high quality as a class and then magpie these ideas for our independent writing.


We are learning about the different methods and strategies we can use when we are multiplying and dividing. We have used practical arrays to help us with STEM sentences. As well as this, we are also increasing the speed of our times tables which means we are accelerating through the different leagues of Demon Tables.


We are learning about the River Nile. We have already found out some facts about the River Nile and have put the adults to the test by playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The adults needed to use their life lines lots of times! We have also had a visit from Mr Livesey to share his experiences of his trip to Africa. We heard all about the different animals, weather and food. As well as this, we have been using grid references to discover more about the different countries in Africa.


This half term we have been so lucky to work with our artist in residence, Belinda. We are using Vincent Van Gogh as our inspiration and know what he used lots of texture in his work. Belinda has taught us how to use different tools to create a variety of textures and we will be using these when we create our own version of ‘WheatFields with Crows.’

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