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Y4 Summer Update


We have started our new book for this term: How to Train Your Dragon. We are loving learning about the mythical world of dragons and how we might catch them. We used Talk 4 Writing to help up edit and up level our instructions on how to catch a dragon. We will then be writing our own non-chronological reports about our own species of dragon. Our class ‘Dragonology’ will then be created from our writing.


This term, we have been understanding how 1 whole one can be split into equal groups and used this to understanding fractions and even decimals. We used the base 10 to see how 0.1 is the same at 1/10. We have been using our place value charts to help us to understand the place value of tenths and hundredths. We have also looked at fractions greater than one.

Geography and History: Anglo Saxons is our new topic and we have been delving in their history to understand how three tribes make them up. We compared the reasons for them settling in Britain to that of the Romans and used this knowledge to understand why they settled in specific places around Britain. We then learnt names of places and looked at the modern day Britain to see if similar suffixes were still used today.


Our science topic this term is Living Things and Their Habitats. We used ‘Earth Day’ to explore how we as humans are damaging animal’s habitats and how we can help conserve their environment. We then went out and looked at what animals and living things were in our school habitat.

Music: We had a visit from Alison Home from The Wigan Music Hub to help us learn the songs we need for the Hansel and Gretel performance we are going to watch next term. We looked at using our voices in different ways to portray different characters.

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