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Y5 - Spring Update

Life in year 5 continues to be very busy!

With the support of Mr Peacock from Wigan Music service, the children have made great, musical progress this year and really got to grips with their brass instruments. By working hard every Wednesday afternoon, the children have learnt a range of notes and been able to combine these into various tunes as demonstrated in their Autumn Term performance.

To support their learning in maths and increase their fitness levels, the children have been playing quick on the draw with Mr Salkeld, our new class teacher. By working as a team and applying their arithmetic skills, the children were able to tackle some challenging questions and really enjoyed the competitive element.

In order to develop key oracy skills, the children have shared extracts from their writing, A Recipe for a Friend, with their peers and considered ways of using their voices effectively. This exercise also supported fundamental listening skills as the audience were asked to provide feedback to the speaker and suggest ways in which they could improve their presentation.

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