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Y5 Spring Update

Throughout the Spring Term, here, in year 5, the children have continued to consolidate their learning across all areas of the curriculum whilst focusing more specifically on the following topics:


Building upon our knowledge of the Ancient Greeks, we have been exploring the world of Ancient Greek mythology in English. After considering the key features of a myth and understanding their purpose, the children have had the opportunity to retell the story of Perseus and Andromeda and create their own mythical beast. In doing so, they have really developed their narrative writing skills.


Alongside practising core arithmetic skills such as addition and subtraction, the children have revisited fractions this term and developed methods for multiplying fractions as well as finding fractions of an amount. Building on from this and our learning in Year 4, we have also explored the links between fractions, decimals and percentages using concrete apparatus to understand, for example, how 10% is the same as 1/10 or 0.1.


Moving on from the Ancient Greeks, we have spent this term exploring what the Viking’s conquered and their impact upon Britain today. In order to develop fundamental Geographical knowledge and skills, the children used maps and Atlas to locate the key features of Scandinavia as well as measuring line distance and identifying major settlements. Following on from this, we then explored the Vikings’ historical impact and were particularly amazed by their warfare skills and impressive levels of craftsmanship.


Supported by our school artist, Belinda John, the children have researched the work of Ancient Greek sculptors and have focused upon the impressive artwork found within the Parthenon Frieze. After spending several lessons

studying various aspects of Ancient Greek architecture and sculpture as well as designing their own pieces, the children finally produced individual clay tiles inspired by the Ancient Greeks.


As always, we have really enjoyed having Wigan Music Service in class this term. In order to practise skills relating to pitch, pace and tone whilst developing their ability to read music, the children have been learning new songs such as Oats and Beans which focus on the repetition of basic notes.

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