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Y6 - Spring Update

This term, Year 6 have been deepening and developing their knowledge on WWI. From learning about the causes of war and rationing to the importance of propaganda and what life was like in the trenches, they now know interesting facts about WWI and the impact it had across the world.

Our English work started with imagining what life was like for soldiers and we created letters sent from the trenches. Following this, we used our Talk 4 Writing skills and have been creating our own versions of The Piano – a short film about a veteran and his flashback of time from the war.

We have been busy across all of our curriculum subjects. In Science, we have been looking at good and bad organisms and planned and carried out a mould experiment. One of our groups had bread outside and a hungry animal helped themselves during the night. You can see by our picture, a wet environment is the best for mould to grow. The importance of the Bible was our topic in RE and we had great fun creating our own games to test each other’s knowledge of Bible stories and references. We completed our Art topic by producing a piece of Kandinsky inspired art using colours to show emotions. Our focus was shape and colour and it was exciting to become artists in the classroom.

To enhance our WWI topic, we were each given the challenge of presenting for three minutes on a subject based around the war. Miss Cunningham was delighted with the new knowledge we acquired and was blown away with how creative we had been. From PowerPoints to collages and war scenes to family history, we loved sharing with one another.

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