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The current Caritas ambassadors are:

  • Harry

  • Gabby

  • Emily

  • Eleanor


Caritas means ‘love in action’. It is our role is to continue the work of the Caritas charity, which is the charity of helping people, founded in 1897.


Our aim is to collaborate the school, community and parish by organising events and activities for each to be involved. It is important that we share a mission together and work on developing our faith together.


The community outreach projects that we will be involved with throughout the year will be uploaded on to this page. We are grateful of your support and look forward to the future projects!

Mr Livesey is the lay chaplain at Our Lady’s RC Primary School. He serves as one of the Eucharistic ministers during mass at Our Lady’s and often visits to share his knowledge with the children. As an integral part of the community and parish, he works closely with Miss Wright and the Faith Teams to develop faith in action at Our Lady’s.


2023-24 Events

Friday 6th October 10:30am - Parishioners Coffee Morning 

29th September - Harvest Collection of Donations


October - Harvest deliveries 


October - Collect suggestions for upcoming projects with Tanzania

Wednesday 14th February - Love Your Community Day


CAFOD Enterprise runs throughout Lent 

Friday 15th March - Big Sleep Out with St Joseph's for Year 6 children

WC 26th February - ECO 'waste watch' week 

Watch out for newsletters coming soon about Catholic Social Teaching!


Please see our recent posts below, keep checking here for updates on work we are doing in CARITAS & GIFT

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GIFT stands for Growing in Faith Together Team. This means that we have the responsibility in sharing faith within the school. We communicate with other schools within the Salford Diocese to discover new ways that we can develop the Catholic ethos of our school. We inspire people to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. It is important to us that we show the school values, such as: 

  • Loving - ‘Love God and love people’ Matthew 22:36-40

  • Positive - ‘Rejoice always’ Thessalonians 5-16

  • Safe - ‘You can always turn to the Lord when times are tough’ Psalms 9:9-10

  • Nurturing - ‘Grow in the grace and knowledge of Saviour Jesus Christ’ 2 Peter 3-18

  • Forgive - ‘Forgive and you will be forgiven’ Luke 6:37

  • Kind - ‘Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord’ Proverbs’ 19:17

  • Respectful - ‘Lord, your God shall you worship and him alone shall you serve’ Matthew 4:1-11

  • Honest - ‘I am the way, the truth, the life’ John 14:6

Each class has a GIFT team member attached to them as their prayer leader. This is part of our role in spreading the teachings of Jesus and leading worship. We are the people who will update you on all of the Church events and special occasions throughout the liturgical year.

‘Learning and loving together, we grow with Jesus’

2023-24 Events

Monday 25th September - Commissioning of the GIFT Team during Mass at Our Lady's

Wednesday 27th September - Mark 10 Mission Training

October - Mary's Meet Up Club with KS2

Social Sundays (Come and Join us at Church after Mass) - 1st October, 3rd December, 21st January, 14th April, 23rd June

Tuesday 3rd October 9.30-2pm - GIFT Retreat 'Together We are Ambassadors of Christ'

Social Sundays (Come and Join us at Church after Mass) -  14th April, 23rd June

Wednesday 6th March - Retreat at St Anthony's

Wednesday 13th March - Reconciliation for Year 3 Children

Hope in the Future Re-Launch

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