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Y1 Spring Update

Maths – We have been learning about numbers that are two digits and can be split in to tens and ones. We have explored many different ways to represent these numbers.

RE – Year 1 have been learning about special people in our parish, community and school. We have enjoyed worship together to recognise how Jesus is special and how he recognised special people.

Phonics – We have been looking at different ways to spell the same sound. Each week, we practice a different sound and practice sorting, reading and writing the words. Year 1 are concentrating really hard on their formation and letters and numbers to make sure that they are the correct size and shape.

English – Year 1 have been retelling stories about Space. We have described what we think it would be like to land on the moon and discussed the reactions of the different characters from the stories. As you can see, some children imagined what it would be like to meet life from another planet… even be that life on the other planet…

Topic – In Topic, we have been learning about what has changed since the 1920’s. It was interesting for the children to learn about what the classroom used to be like in those days…

Art – We have been very lucky in Year 1 to be working with a resident artist Belinda. She has been helping to complete the textiles topic which involves weaving. We are working towards creating a rug with leftover materials.

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