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Year 4

We are loving exploring our topic for this term: The Anglo-Saxons. We are investigating and researching different areas of their lives by looking at sources from the era and artefacts to give us an insight as to what is was like to like during their time.

D&T and Art – Anglo-Saxon coin purses.

During D&T we have been adding to our skills by designing and creating Anglo Saxon coin purses. We began by researching materials used for coin purses over the ages and tested what would work best. We then explored how coin purses differed to modern day coin purses. Once we had our template we integrated out art skills of printing.

We started by finding out about printing artist Henri Matisse and how he used simple but creative designs to add colour. We then looked at Anglo Saxon designs and created our own prints onto polystyrene tiles. Using paint and rollers, we transferred this onto our material.

After practising different sewing stitches to connect material together, we began sewing our material into the shape of our coin purses. We completed these by adding rope to the top as a drawstring to keep our coins safe.

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